The Avant Gardenist

Something different. Found this interesting video from 1979 where Greg Calbi explains mastering/cutting vinyl. He shows how he edits (cut) a master tape.

Starting as pre-digital technician myself, yep thats how I did it too…. But this vid is not just nostalgia.

He shows how the vinyl-mother is made. A process that didn’t change much until today, with exception that some equipment became digital.
Greg Calbi is one of the most known vinyl masterers. Every vinyl collector has some records mastered by him. During the filming he was mastering ‘making movies’ from Dire Straits (not my favorite), released in 1980. By that time Calbi was mastering vinyls for 7 years.
Interesting his remark about how to become a good tech in the music scene. Just start doing it, even if it is not paid, get into it, learn yourself and from others who do the job already. You don’t learn it at school…….

A message to those fresh from the (then not existing) pop-academies

Enough of my yacking…….. lets boogie