Consolidated was/and is now again, an American radical activist music group, formed in 1988 and best known in the early 1990s as an alternative dance/industrial music band. Between 1989 and 1994, their instrumental style evolved from industrial, to hip-hop, to hard rock and funk with mixtures of live instruments and electronic instruments. They were distinguished by left-leaning political activism and politically radical lyrics, as well as their innovative sonic collages which blended industrial and hip-hop styles.
Consolidated’s original line-up consisted of Adam Sherburne (guitar and vocals), Mark Pistel (samples, sequencers and keyboards/synths), and Philip Steir (drums).


In each of their live performances, Consolidated includes a period of time in which microphones are passed among audience members, who can discuss, rebut, argue or elaborate upon the topics of Consolidated’s songs. Consolidated devise these interactions as a way to subvert the typically passive experience of watching a band perform, empowering the audience members to respond and articulate their own opinions on issues addressed in the song lyrics or even the nature of the performance itself.
Their live performances also features video montages, composed by video artists, including footage which correspondents to the lyrical topics of specific songs
Local, regional and national activist groups are invited to set up tables and information kiosks at their shows while on tour.


Adam Sherburne and Mark Pistel joined again jamming and recording songs. Phil Steir, dealing with other obligations, is eager to colaberate. For sure with a drummer, Consolidated prepares returning on stage.


Mark+Adam Consolidated 93

The Avant Gardenist

Today, few hours ago, Genesis P Orridge has been returned into earth on an eco-friendly cemetery.

S/he is here

The Avant Gardenist

Genesis P Orridge passed away yesterday, March 14 2020. The sad lost of a great artist. Here a short part of the very last performance of Psychic TV/PTV3 on November 15 2018.


A new festival from the curators of previous ‘Schienenfest’ (Stuttgart, Germany).
Presenting: Rabih Beiani (LB/D), NAH (USA), Scald Rougish (USA), Dave Phillips (CH), The Ångströmers (B), Bocca Al Lupo (UK/I), Cene Resnik / Urban Kušar (SI), DKK (World), The Ångströmers DJ set (B)
And installations of: Video & Sckre, […..], Weiny Fitui, Roland Batroff On Saturday, 16 November 2019, Doors: 20.00.
Location: Innerer Nordbahnhof, 70191 Stuttgart, Germany at the new Projektraum Kunstverein Wagenhalle (PKW)

+ a warm up Friday evening, 15 November with DJ Aclds (USA)
Open: 22.00.
Location: Neue Oper, Contain‘t e.V., Innerer Nordbahnhof 1, 70191 Stuttgart, Germany