The anniversary tape from Limbabwe (number 50) released early 2011.
The idea came in 2010 during the Shina festival in Idrija, Slovenia where Zebra performed. I co-organize the festival and invited them. Frans de Waard (member from Zebra) knew I was the ‘man’ behind Limbabwe. Together with Roel Meelkop (the other member) they sampled a complete set together from old Limbabwe releases. Old music re-presented in a new shape. They came with the idea to release the recording on a cassette tape. I suggested to make it catalog number 50 since the number was coming up plus it’s a fresher approach than re-chewing(releasing) old recordings.

Frans (left) and Roel performing at the Shina festival

The tape is filled with modern electronic music, sometimes even danceable. It became a great recording and respectful anniversary release.


Frans and Roel are active in experimental music for a long time. Their history goes back to the Limbabwe days of the early 80ties. Besides Zebra both are busy with individual projects. Roel experiments in Rotterdam with compositions and installations.

Frans is an active online blogger. He pointed me to a blog of a friend of his  ‘No Longer Forgotten Music’ blog, where you can find many interesting downloads http://433rpm.blogspot.com/. The download below is an MP3. There are still a few original tapes for sale if you look for the real and better sounding stuff. contact <433rpm@gmail.com>
Frans and Roel where not very lucky with their travel to and from Idrija. Coming, they missed their plane. Almost the Limbabwe 50 release was never close to being related with Zebra. Lucky, they managed to get on another flight arriving in another town nearby.

During the weekend of this first Shina festival it was raining enormously. Idrija knows many extreme weather types. When it rains it can be a hard shower. Then it rained non-stop very heavy for days. Floods closed roads and area’s. The driver picking them up from the airport had to make some detours. The return flight was first cancelled then moved to another airport. Too much water on the runway. Still we had a good time getting drunk on wine in my place where they stayed.

Recorded/produced/engineered and mastered by Frans de Waard and Roel Meelkop


01 Sandals in a nutsell
02 Plants on a dope
04 Surprises at the seering heel
05 Supurban looser
06 Geting high on heelings
07 Contenment of piece
08 Hatfuly surprises
09 Notturnol saile
10 The remand for shunrays
11 Stinrays with Stylus

Download the black and white stripes here:


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