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Another Limbabwe ‘Regular’. Zanzibars Twist had 4 releases on Limbabwe. One I do not have: NRC By Bus (Limbabwe 17). This was a ‘live at NRC Amsterdam’ recording. Doesn’t matter. Fuck it, what is there you can find here, what not can be rotten forgotten and pas.

Zanzibars was a band from Rob. He was responsible for many cover artworks at Limbabwe, especially in the first year. Rob also designed and (silk) printed Bauplatz posters in the beginning. Although recording the band (mentioned as engineer on cover) and for sure seeing live sometimes, I barely remember them. The band line-up must have gone through some changes listening to the instrumentation. From extended horn sections to minimalistic only drums/bas/vocals songs. Many covers. I remember one ‘regular’ in Zanzibar by the name Stan. Since not mentioned on the tape covers plus my failing memory, I cannot give you band line-ups. Who I do remember is Rob. He was the youngest of the early (only real original) Martinusstraat/Bauplatz scene. The age different was for sure 6 or 7 years.

I clearly remember ‘meeting’ Rob for the first time. That was in a bar called St Stephen (don’t look for it, gone long time ago). This bar was run by a local alternative hippie called Hans Thijssen. Before the bar Hans had a record store in town called ‘Satisfaction’. I talk mid-70ties here (period). This store was for its collection and time ‘alternative’. No commercial crap available, but lots of Hans generation hippie music like The Death, Hot Tuna and such. Being a real punker of the first (and only) real generation I once yelled at him (visiting his store) that he should get over his hippy crap, new times, new generation, and demanded to obtain the first (and at that time only) record of The Ramones for his collection. He did. Wise bizznix decision. Still Satisfaction went broke and Hans tried it with a bar. We (punkers) became regulars. Hippie Hans wasn’t such a bad guy after all. He was open minded, alternative and easy. Behind that bar was often, only standing and staring a young teenage kid. He didn’t work there (not allowed), Hans did. The kid was a drop out adapted with good intentions by Hans. This kid was Rob.

Later in the eighties Rob joined Gore on bas guitar. Despite what many think, Rob did not start Gore. Gore was an idea of Danny the guitarist from Pandemonium. After they broke up Danny wanted something different. He was very impressed by the Black Flag B side LP My War. Slow ‘Metal, but just not’ songs. Danny wanted to play drums and leave a frontman (vocals) out. I remember the beginning of Gore well. They rehearsed in the Martinusstraat (Limbabwe) basement. Pieter played guitar. Do not clearly remember the first bas player but it was somebody from the later Punkrock scene (Disgust or such). Already after a few rehearsals Rob replaced the first bassist. This went with lots of ‘mystery’. Danny didn’t want anyone to know who was in Gore and what they where doing. Difficult to hide in a public building with non-isolated rehearsing room. Danny’s intention to do something without involvement of the scene was understandable. The club was small with too much band-incest. Something fresh would only work with minimal inside connections. I kept in contact with Danny for a long time and toured few times with Gore.

Back to Zanzibars Twist. The music is for sure inspired by early Nick Cave/Birthday Party. Rob was very impressed by this band. You can hear this on his vocals (most songs are sung by him). Rob even looked a bit like Nick in his Birthday years. I mentioned that sometimes to him what made him annoyed. Rob had a strong feeling of being original. Well, what can I say, he was still young and inspiration has to come from somewhere.

Zanzibars performed many ‘cranky’ covers from well known evergreens. Mostly on purpose badly played and recorded. Some members from Zanzibars had no music background or education. Ofcourse that is not necessary, it’s the energy, feel and drive that counts the most. The tracks are not always ‘music’, but the overall is funny, entertaining and worth listening at least once. If you listen all recordings the general impression is ‘violent’. Something you find back in many expressions from Rob. The bloody covers from Gore for example. Until today I don’t know why he expressed aggressive.

The Zanzibars tapes are not my most favorites, but still I keep them. They are weird enough to maintain.

Back to Hans Thijssen. He was one of the instigators of the yearly Tegelen North festival ‘Zomer parkfeest’. A nice local event in the beginning, but after some years grew out to be the most horrible festival in the world. In the music bizznix it remains this reputation until today, and right it is. For artists the worst performance spot. Agents: I know you want to make money, but if you have any respect for your artist do not book your acts on that horrible festival.

Hans tried another bar in Tegelen North. St Stephen was not ‘hip’ anymore. Than left to India for a while and passed away few years after return.

I know this story has a detour. Can’t help it, the memories popped up while writing my Zanzibars Twist page. At least here at Limbabwe you get real detailed and true information instead of reading crap from career yuppies like Johan Hauser who forges history and writes lies to work himself up as ‘journalist’. Don’t believe this idiot. He wasn’t even born than, how can he know!


Cassette tape with many songs. The title and cover make clear you deal here with something funny. The tape is amusing. Many songs. Was released on a C-90. 1 ½ hour, 45 minutes per side. But (also joke) side two was only filled for the first 15 minutes, than a long time nothing and suddenly the track ‘Wat is dat dan’. than again nothing until tape finished. On the download I leave the 30 minutes silence out.


The cover was a black/pink print on yellow background. The inside was silver shining and had only a stamp with address.

Recorded: unknown (was it me? don’t remember). Produced by Zanzibars Twist


01) Play The Fool part 1+2
02) Een Schnell Nummer
03) Ode aan Jan Jacobs
04) I (Got You) Feel Good
05) M arc
06) Dancing Barefood in the Park
07) Graansilo
08) Pikant Gevrij in de Alpenwe
09) Les Douce De Thorn
10) Die Ami Band
11) Sonja’s Lied
12) Eat Your Dreadlocks
13) Schleyers Schlafchen
14) ‘S Bakkebaarden
15) DAF33
16) Oriental Uh
17) Wat Is Dat Dan

Never mind to download the Bollocks here:


This tape was released as a Xmas present. Something to play when you’re family visits. Interpretations of evergreens everybody knows. The cover was done upside down. If you are familiar with cassette tapes and boxes, this means you open the box ‘wrong’ way around, or ‘right’ way if you are left-handed.


The last song spontaneously bursts into a version of ‘Ghostriders’. The running order as printed on the cover does not match with the tape. I list the right running order of tracks below.

Recorded by Matski (I think). Produced by Zanzibars Twist


1) Hey Yoe
2) 16 Tons
3) Its Going To Rain
4) Lust For Life
5) Blue Spanish Eyes
6) Feel Allright
7) Mac Arthur Park
8) Je T’aime Mais Non Plus
9) Stop In The Name Of Love/Ghostriders

Download the ambient for Xmas here:

ZANZIBARS TWIST – BASTA (Limbabwe 23) 1983

A short ‘single’ tape with only 3 songs subtitled ‘De Strijd Kan Nu beginnen’ (Now we can start the fight). The instrumentation is minimal: bas, drums and vox. For my taste the best Zanzibars release. The tape came in a plastic packing 5 by 3 inches with paper inlayer of same size. Due to the packaging, a bit folded on the picture.


Recorded by Matski (for sure). Produced by Zanzibars Twist


1) Basta
2) Vergeet Mij Niet
3) Sla

Download the fight here:

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