The Revels


REVELS – SWAMPCITY (Limbabwe vinyl 7) 1986

You can place The Revels in a different section of the ‘Limbabwe-scene’. Most of us where music wise more orientated on trash, noise, weird, freaky,…. The Revels sounded more neat and clean. The band was formed around Marc Coolen (guitar/vox) who rumbled around in the history of surf and swamp music. The underground sound from 50ties and 60ties. This single is completely in that style. Another Marc Coolen band was ‘Igor en de Zwijnen’. A cassette release is available on another download page. Drummer of the Revels, Michael, was the ex drummer from Catastrophe Bizarre. Yep, it was a small scene. You will notice many names crossing on these download pages. Maurice played bas, Carlo guitar.


I remember Marc’s bands well. We did many gigs together. Most of them in bars. The atmosphere was always great. Small room gigs with only a vocal PA. Besides voice only a mic in front of the kickdrum, sounded sloppy like the 50ties, pretty real.

Influenced by his examples Marc purchased a semi acoustic guitar and Fender Twin Reverb amp. At these bar-gigs with nothing miked the Fender blasted out above everybody else feeding back through the old semi acoustic pick-ups. It all added positive to the atmosphere.

Do I like this recording? hmmmm, personally I am more attracted to music that push borders and surprises than tunes created within an existing pattern restricted by rules and morals. Still I always enjoyed their gigs. It was worthy to register.

The single contained 5 songs, 2 on side A, 3 on B. The black and white cover had a typical ‘psychedelic’ design we all know and to be expected with this music style.


Recordings engineered/mixed/mastered by Matski. Produced by The Revels.


1) Swampcity
2) All Black & Hairy
3) The End
4) The Night Of The Sadist
5) Christine

Download Swampcity here:

Extra surprise: The Revels Demo.

Cleaning my archive I found this old reel with Revels demo recordings. Starting to wear out, the tape slips a bit.The recording is rough. Live in the studio. Especially in the beginning not well balanced. I remember that we (Klank Studio) did these low-price offers. Your demo recorded live in the studio in one evening directly on stereo 2-track. No mixing or dubbing. Think this is one of these sessions. I don’t remember it at all. Probably a colleague handled the technics. Wasn’t aware I had this reel in my possession until today.

The Revels sound like an old Stooges bootleg recording. You hear 10 songs in one file. No titles, don’t have a list neither know who was in the band during this session. For sure Mark (the bandleader) playing guitar and sings. Plus Michael on drums since I recognize his voice (talking in the background).

I like these type of recordings. Rough and honest, how rock and roll suppose to be.

You can download the demo here:

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