Tango Djoboko



‘Nachtmerrie’ = Nightmare. Another early product from Limbabwe. Tango Djoboko was formed by two ex Metal Tanz (see Introduction) members Floor and Johnny. The music is strongly influenced by the ‘Deutsche Welle’. It was the early days of cheap Japanese synthesizers. Many underground bands experimented with these digital sequencers. It was the start of the famous (and now re-discovered) sound of the eighties. We all remember (or now know) the famous British electronic pop. Never much my taste, but here with Tango we are still in an experimental early stage. Many young German bands experimented with this new option in musical direction. DAF, Grauzone, FehlFarben, Trio…… or more underground, Der Plan, Andreas Dorau. Ofcourse all strongly influenced by the older brothers Kraftwerk, who in their original time never used sequencer, but performed the music playing electronic instruments.

Tango Djoboko used sequence loops that where made by Hans (A Live Detail, see Vlaaikots) On top Floor sings, plays bas and percussion. Other members; Johnny – drums, Kor (yes here he is again, fuck it Kor you are on all Limbabwe recordings) – Vocals/percussion, Brigitte – percussion/vocals, Hay – percussion.

There is not much more to say about Tango Djoboko. The band didn’t last long, think not even a year. Had only few gigs.


This tape is a live recording from a gig on May 1st 1982 in legendary Melkweg (Milky Way) Amsterdam.

Funny if you look at the cover picture. The lettering of the cover text is done with a stamp-box. You know these boxes with letters in mirror-writing, you can make you own stamp with it. I have that same box and still use it on covers sometimes. One Dallas Kingston Kollector release has some lettering from that stamp-box.

Recorded and produced by Tango Djoboko


1) Liebe Dich
2) Not Any Power
3) Followed By A Car
4) Was Sagst Du Denn

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