Ok, here we go. Fans, freaks and followers will be very happy with this page. Here you can find more Pandemonium music than you ever dream of or was aware it existed. I give you here as a free download all material I found in my archive. You cannot find anywhere on the web a more complete collection Pandemonium recordings.

Pandemonium was a band from what we called ‘the second generation’. When they came De Martinusstraat, Bauplatz and Limbabwe already existed (if you are new here go to the ‘Limbabwe History’ in Main Menu to understand). For Pandemonium the bed was made, they could rumble and rouse on the fundaments we built. Nothing wrong with that. As it always goes new generations don’t understand nor care about values the original fundamentals were created for. In this case I talk about De Martinusstraat. Ofcourse youngsters like to do their own thing. Problem is that main instigators claiming the history of De Martinusstraat nowadays is the second (Pandemonium) scene, although they where just a passing thing in the middle. Not starting anything and are probably partly responsible for the collapse.

We all thought (the Venlo scene at that moment) that Pandemonium was funny, but good in a certain way. Sure in the beginning they sounded like any other shaky punk rock band (their start was inspired by a UK Subs gig) but they threw out lots of energy. It was amusing to see these 3 kids that just past the primary highschool-class rockin’ the stage wearing latest ‘middle-class’ fashion pubertal clothes purchased by their moms. For sure this very ‘normal’ look contributed to the band popularity few years later. Although small they stick out inbetween the heavy leather / Mohawk hair cuts of the other bands in the line-up on gig nights. Danny (guitar) was 13 years old at that moment.

In that same period (1981/82) local notables decided that the city needed a new cultural concert building (not rock). Finishing the fundamentals and name announcement was reason to party. Artist where invited and we (the ‘rock’ scene) got also requested for contribution. At a meeting we came to the conclusion nobody wanted to support this kinda party. Someone dropped the idea that it would be funny to send that new punkrock band Pandemonium as kinda ‘fuck you’ to the money wasting gathering. I wonder if Pandemonium members realize till today what they where used for. The gig was funny. Here a picture:





Pandemonium on the ‘Maaspoort’ fundamentals.


Der Peter (bas/vocals) did a lot for the band. He was very active making contacts. I had my connections hanging a bit longer in the bizznix. Therefore Pandemonium got gigs. Jack had a car. Don’t remember the make but it was one of these typical ‘you’re first car wrecks’ like Opel or Ford. With only the guitars, cymbals, foot pedal and snare drum in the hood, we drove to gigs (often in weekends). On most of these nights more bands where programmed. Only one (local) band brought amplifiers and full drumkit. This made it financially possible for the organizer to put more bands on the bill.

I came along to all shows as tourmanager/soundengineer.

In the beginning we mainly performed nearby in the area, that included Germany, our base was a border town. Quickly the territory expanded and we drove to Amsterdam and Belgium followed by trips to Spain and Yugoslavia.

The Pandemonium members were very young. Too young for alcohol. I got many drink tickets or the dressing room was loaded with beer. The modest Pandemoniums consumed no more than few cokes. Jack had to drive. It became a sport for me trading all drink tickets left into beer. Wouldn’t it be a waste leaving all that free alcohol? Often I was totally loaded on our drive back home.

With every band there is always one who is always late. An absolute world record in this had Rowdy (drums). To avoid unnecessary waiting we picked him up. Ringing the doorbell at 4 PM (agreed and pre-announced pick up time) he often opened the door with sleepy eyes still in his underwear saying “uhhhhh I first have to take a shower”.

The first half of the 80ties was a hectic time for me. Active with many things and partied a lot. I don’t remember many details anymore from those years. If new stories pop op I will add them here. In the introductions of downloads below I have a couple more stories.

Although the band had certain status and reputation in that time, I have the feeling they are more ‘famous’ now with their ‘legendary’ status. In those days we never made any money. Played often for expenses and albums never had reprints after sold out. Pandemonium was active for only few years not taking their basement rehearsing period before first show in consideration. It all happened between 1982 and 1985. When the band played their last show in 1986 they where already finished and hadn’t performed for 8 months. In 1989 Pandemonium performed one more time on a support show for the local club (OOC-Bauplatz) that was under threat to be closed. I estimate they performed approximately 40 gigs ever. Might be lesser, for sure not more.

Pandemonium didn’t like to record. All recordings you hear are done in one day, also the complete albums. Often songs where recorded in one take. On another night vocals (only Der Peter) got added and maybe incidentally a second guitar by Danny. I engineered, mixed and mastered. The guys didn’t want to make much out of recordings as they clearly told me more often. Together with the minimal technical equipment available explains the trashy sound of their recordings they are now so ‘famous’ for.

Pandemonium was a dynamic band. Re-hearing the recordings I have to admit they where good, especially in the end. From ‘Affaire’ until last LP you hear them musically growing. Their interpretation of hardcore-punkrock is interesting, original and unique until today. But there is more. Its that unexplainable ‘magic’ on all their recordings. The feel, the drive, the energy was the main reason for us (first generation) to adapt them in our ‘scene’. They had the right touch. All 3 knew eachother for years before starting the band. Being neighbors and attending same primary school they where best friends from ‘kindergarten’ on. This creates a strong bond, an energy in which lots of creativity can happen without rational explanations. How strong this bond was you could clearly experience during live performances. Often the bandmembers got into arguments inbetween songs in front of audience. They quarreled about one being to fast or set-list diversions. These arguments could escalate (to the amusement of audience) in throwing serious accusations to eachother. Especially between the two brothers Rowdy and Danny. Once at a gig in ‘De Boerderij’ Geleen (town in The Netherlands), the internal argument escalated so extreme that Danny threw his guitar on the floor and walked of. Rowdy reacted furious, kicked his drums following Danny leaving Der Peter behind on stage, embarrassed. The gig had an early end. In the dressing room the fight went on for long time. Next weekend, next gig, everything was the same like always. Their bond couldn’t break…………….. but didn’t last forever.

Through time we all grew apart and moved separated ways. I lost contact with Rowdy after moving from De Martinusstraat. Danny started the band Gore. We crossed pads travelling same roads (music bizznix) so we stayed in contact. After some time Danny got disappointed with the fucked up scenes in music (right he was) and quit. He found a job selling porno mags and vids in a sexshop, yep, in the famous red light district of Amsterdam. I visited him a few times when gigging the town, but lost track after he got out of this shop. With Der Peter I lost track early nineties but for reasons I can’t remember nor explain we saw eachother again sometimes in the last 6/7 years. This contact broke some time ago for reasons good readers can find on other pages here.

Although I don’t like to create false hopes, I still think that the ‘bond’ might bring the band back together sometime/somewhere.

Me often mentioned as (4th) bandmember, I never considered myself part of Pandemonium. Obvious, I was not a playing member neither participating the ‘bond’.

During their existence Pandemonium had officially 5 releases:

‘De Pandemonium Affaire’ Cassette

‘Who the Fuck are You’ vinyl 7”

‘Wir Fahren Gegen Dreck’ vinyl LP

‘Wir Fahren Ins Grune’ vinyl 7”

‘Are You The One That’s Getting Fucked Or Are You The One That’s Doing The Fucking?’ vinyl LP and Cassette.

Few years ago we agreed with Coalition records that they could do a cd release of the complete catalogue. It resulted in the 2cd ‘Sex, Drugs, Stocks’. The worst Pandemonium release. Who ever is responsible for this piece of shit should be ashamed of themselves. Songtitles are wrong. ID’s (2 second pauses) cut songs in middle. It’s a chaos and confusion. Therefore worthless document. Forget that cd, don’t bother purchasing it, you are better of with the free downloads here, below with correct ID’s and track lists.

Exploring the archive I found an original of a cassette cover. It was a tape with recordings from their legendary live concert at Wilhelmina, the first single presentation. I don’t remember this tape, neither existence, at all. For sure not a Limbabwe product. I am not sure if the cassette ‘Live in zaal 3’ ever was released and this cover here pictured below, was printed and duplicated. If it was multiplied, the band must have done this themselves.


Another file I found is the invitation of the legendary Pandemonium concert in hotel Wilhelmina, Tegelen North. Looking at the concept its clearly designed by Der Peter.


All 5 Pandemonium releases are available in free download below. From the last LP/Cassette ‘Are You the One…’ I made two downloads, one from the LP and the other the cassette. The cassette is different and has more tracks. Besides that you find 4 more files of weird material. One file contains compilation contributions (for what I have in my possession). On the end there is a download with all recordings in one file. It’s a big file, can take some time downloading, plus you might have tracks double or more. You can call yourself proud owner of many ‘Wir Fahren Gegen Nazi’s’ versions

If you are planning to download and hear Pandemonium for the first time I advice you start with something of the ‘later’ period: ‘Remixes’ is a good start. Early recordings might lesser ‘amuse’ you. Lots of downloads below are more suitable for hardcore fans.

Hehe, what a story just to get some music, but hey, enough of my yacking, lets boogie….



Cassette tape. The first Pandemonium release on Limbabwe, but not their first recording. Before this tape the band was recorded for the ‘Vlaaikots’ compilation (below). On this recording you can hear the band in their early stage sounding more traditional punk. Many lyrics and titles are in German. Common second language in the border town the band lived. The tape was recorded on a Teac 4-track reel to reel. Two tracks drums, 1 track bass, other track guitar. The vocals where added (dubbed in) while mastering and mixing.

The tape was released with booklet (included in file). Booklet and tape where in a small plastic bag with the title on 3 stickers. Here a picture:

Affaire in bag

Recordings engineered/mixed/mastered by Matski. Produced by Pandemonium/Matski.


01) Bored
02) Computerplay
03) Suck To This Wall
04) Demonstrate
05) Unverschamtheid
06) Wir Fahren Gegen Nazi’s
07) Fuck Trix Out
08) Zukunft
09) Zuviel
10) Gas and Destrucktion
11) Arbeit Macht Frei
12) Stress
13) Religionkrieg
14) CDA
15) Mahlzeit part 1
16) Er Hangt Schon so Lange
17) Scheis Egal
18) Religion Sucks
19) Zum Kotsen

You can download ‘De Pandemonium Affaire’ here:


PANDEMONIUM – WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU (Limbabwe vinyl 2) 1983


7” vinyl with 3 songs. Side a ‘No reaction’ side b the other two songs. Recorded on 4 track the same way like the cassette De Pandemonium Affaire. You can hear musical progress in the band already. No Reaction and Amok are very interesting songs.

Pity, the period started that bands competed eachother in speed (I play faster than you). A ridiculous stupid attitude of that time killing much music and sadly Pandemonium caught up in this.

The presentation of Pandemoniums first vinyl took place in Hotel Wilhelmina. A local city hotel with posy reputation. Somehow I figured out they rented their rooms out for free to weddings and other events. I went there and reserved the space. Despite what was told in other stories, I did not wear a suit with tie when I did this. I DID wear a suit and tie on the actual presentation night as a joke. It was a funny night. Don’t need to tell you the place got totally trashed.

‘Who The Fuck Are You’ came in two different covers. One black in the front, the other showed a wall. Unfolded showed 3 pages. Both have the typical handwriting the band maintained on all their covers. Der Peter did this handwriting and was responsible for the cover designs. Inclosed was an inlayer with song lyrics.

The 7” had a re-release few years ago on Noiseanddistortion records. This re-release is also sold out.

Recordings engineered/mixed/mastered by Matski. Produced by Pandemonium/Matski.


1) No Reaction
2) They Don’t Know
3) Amok

Download ‘Who The Fuck Are You’ here:



(We go against garbage) – (Bad translation better would be ‘Fight crap’)

Vinyl LP. Again recorded on 4 track like previous recordings. The sound is extreme trashy. Lyric sheet came as inlayer. Last two songs recorded live in Babylon, Hengelo.

In the 90ties some ashole released a bootleg. This vinyl had the first single added (side one first 3 tracks). The bootleg sounds very shitty. Whats up with these fuckers re-releasing Pandemonium material in shitty versions. They are obviously in it for the money. You can recognize the bootleg with the different backside and the max price advice on the front. The original says ‘don’t pay more than 10’ the bootleg ‘15’.


Back cover. Left orriginal, right bootleg

Had an argument with a total idiot from Vienna who defended this bootleg (he sold it). Pity forgot his name (and company), would be happy to mention this fucker here. He claimed music should be free! Yeah, free does not cost 15 Euro!!! Free is also not if you, bootlegger, makes the money and the artist non.

Recordings engineered/mixed/mastered by Matski. Produced by Pandemonium/Matski.


Side 1:

1) Amok
2) Mit Schwarze Fahne/Demonstrate
3) Religionkrieg
4) T.V. Activity
5) Bad Dream
6) Conned Again
7) Victim Of Age
8. U.N. Real
9) Kill…

Side 2:

1) Suspect of Ignorance
2) Feelings won’t Change
3) Computerplay
4) Pay For Shit
5) Suck To This Wall
6) Rip Off
7) Zuviel
8. Nobody Knows
9) Wir Fahren Gegen Nazi’s/Pogonaise…..

Download ‘Wir Fahren Gegen Dreck’ here:


PANDEMONIUM – WIR FAHREN INS GRUNE (Limbabwe vinyl 5) 1985


(We drive into the green)

7” EP with 5 songs. The band sounds very ‘grown up’ here. The recording facilities got better. More equipment arrived in the Bauplatz basement. This 7” is recorded on a ½ inch Tascam 8 track and mixed and mastered to ¼ inch Revox B77.

Inlayer: text sheet.

The 7” label shows on side two the head of the Police chief ‘Huskens’ at that moment. This refered to the VHC squat in town. Inbetween the songs are little quotes from a radio interview with Huskens.


Huskes on label


Recordings engineered/mixed/mastered by Matski. Produced by Pandemonium/Matski.


Side 1:

1) Paid Off
2) Nothing To Worry

Side 2:

1) No More Talk
2) Full Prove
3) Clones

Download ‘Wir Fahren Ins Grune’ here:




Vinyl LP. This album is a compilation of 2 live recordings in OOC/Bauplatz, Venlo The Netherlands. This was the venue above the studio. It was easy to drop a cable downstairs to the studio control room and register the gig. Technical the same like previous recording: analogue 8-track, mastering on analogue 2 track. The album came in a black cover and shows on the backside a picture of the railway bridge in Venlo that often was a victim for graffiti, mainly political slogans. The railway bridge was parallel with the normal bridge. Anyone passing with car, bike or by foot could clearly see the graffiti. The spot was discovered by Ger (rip) who used it the most.


slogan on bridge. This is another picture than on the backcover. Just to make a change.


The vinyl came with inlay sheets containing lyrics and political stories. It also inclosed two posters. Pictures of all this are enclosed in the download zip.

Between the songs are long breaks with talking. At a certain point you hear Der Peter say ‘Remko draai de band maar om, jonge’. (Remko, turn the tape around). Remko was in the control room taking care of the tapes, I did the House sound upstairs. Funny, with all good intentions what Der Peter means, but you cannot turn professional tapes around. There is no A or B side. Remko changed to another tape.

Not mentioned on the album cover but on the record is the song ‘You Are My Sunshine’. I do specify the song in the download. On this song Pandemonium gets contribution from Zoo member Kor (sax) Zanzibars Twist member Rob (sax) All members of Larm (vocals) and me, Matski (slide guitar).

Guy (No Pigs) takes Der Peter’s bas guitar on ‘Wir Fahren Gegen Nazi’s’

In the album intro you hear us getting in the van taking of to a gig. Kor (Zoo) joints. He is fucking around with a walkman outside the van on the pavement with Danny. You hear me yelling to get in. Danny response he can’t. Kor is blocking the door asking me for cassette tapes. Somebody asks if we took sandwiches for the ride. I brought many, is my answer. Next the door slams. An instrumental ‘intro’ style tune starts, where Pandemonium imitates a typical ‘metal’ riff (funny).

The ‘Intermezzo’ was originally end of side one. You hear Kor and some Pandemoniums jamming on bottles and such in the dressing room.

The outro you hear a conversation between Kor and me shortly after the show. Kor says he is all wet from a bottle of beer that (by accident) poured over him (wild pogo from the audience). I say ‘saw it happen’.

The intro/intermezzo/outro are not listed on album credits but are on the record. They are NOT extra tracks added here, I just separate ID here so its possible to cut the crap if you prefer.

To avoid chaos like on the horrible cd release I have the songs Pandemonium plays without stopping inbetween, grouped under one ID.

Recorded by Remko. Engineered/mixed/mastered by Matski. Produced by Pandemonium/Matski.


Side 1:

1) Intro
2) Amok
3) Computerplay/Clones
4) Paid Of/Religionkrieg
5) Mit Schwarze Fahne/Demonstrate/Conned again
6) Nothing to Worry
7) For Sale
8. Between The Lines
9) Intermezzo

Side 2:

1) No More Talk/Full Prove
2) Bad Dreams
3) No Place For Me
4) Zionshit
5) Wir Fahren Gegen Nazi’s
6) Opposition
7) You are my Sunshine
8. Obvious From The Start
9) Outro

Download ‘Are You The One…..’ here:


Probably the following files are more for hardcore fans and collectors:



This was a cassette version from the LP not released by Limbabwe, but the band self. There is no label or catalogue number. The cassette is very different from the vinyl. It has all same tracks but much more rarities, weird recordings and the original long breaks between the songs of the recorded live gig (lots rumbling and talking plus Danny tuning the guitar).

The cassette came with folded cover on which Der Peter writes words of ‘goodbye’. Back of the box was painted orange.

Again 2 intro’s and intermezzo’s. These are the same like on vinyl. Read the LP download-intro above for explanations.


Recorded by Remko and unknown. Engineered/mixed/mastered by Matski and Der Peter. Produced by Pandemonium/Matski. Compiled by Der Peter.


01) Intro 1
02) Intro 2
03) Amok
04) Computerplay/Clones
05) Paid Off/Religionkrieg
06) Mit Schwarze Fahne/Demonstrate/Conned Again
07) Nothing To Worry
08) For Sale
09) Between The Lines
10) No More Talk/Full Prove
11) U.N. Real/Kill
12) Bad Dream
13) No Place For Me
14) Zionshit
15) Wir Fahren Gegen Nazi’s
16) Intermezzo 1
17) Opposition
18) The Rotten Top
19) You Are My Sunshine
20) Obvious From The Start
21) Intermezzo 2
22) Victim Of Age (Studio 1985)
23) TV Activity (Studio 1985)
24) No Reaction (Live Pleinwerker Amsterdam 1984)
25) Pay For Shit (Live Pleinwerker Amsterdam 1984)
26) Rip Off (Studio 1983)
27) Feelings Won’t Change (Studio 1984)
28) Zuviel (Live Babylon Hengelo 1984)
29) Pogonaise/Stress (Live Hotel Wilhelmina Venlo 1983)
30) Computerplay (Early recording 1981)

Download the ‘Are You The One…. Cassette here:



This is a compilation zip of Pandemoniums compilation contributions. In their existence Pandemonium contributed songs to several hardcore-punkrock compilation vinyls and tapes. Some tracks are taken from existing previous recordings. Most where recorded specially for the occasion or are live-tracks. The zip contains of what I have in my archive from following compilations:

Vlaaikots. The first Limbabwe Cassette release. A compilation with regional bands from Venlo and surroundings (download see ‘Vlaaikots’ page). Pandemonium contributed 3 songs. This was the first time we (the Venlo ‘scene’) got in contact with Pandemonium. Ger and I went to Blerick (suburban part of town over the bridge) with a big reel to reel Philips tape recorder (2 track). Pandemonium rehearsed there in the basement of the communal centre ‘Ons Huis’. We came also to record another punkrock band, Holland Electro (part of our ‘gang’) who shared rehearsing space with Pandemonium. Holland Electro introduced Pandemonium to us (and complete scene). We recorded with two room mics. Probably these 3 songs are the first Pandemonium recordings ever made.

Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit 2. A vogelspin compilation. Mainly Amsterdam and Woerde (village near to Amsterdam) scene record. This is a legendary and well known record. Pandemonium was asked for a contribution. The recordings where in a studio on the country side near to Amsterdam called ‘Joke’s Koeien verhuur bedrijf’ (Johanna’s Cow Rental Service). A studio where many Dutch indie and punkrock bands recorded. The place was absolute legendary. The sliding door separated living room from kitchen was the ‘window’ between play and control room. The control room was also in use as kitchen. During recordings food was cooked one meter from the mixing desk. In the morning the chickens had to be chased of the equipment. It was a pleasant chaos. Vogelspin decided to open side A with the Pandemonium song ‘Wir Fahren Gegen Nazi’s’. It definitely made this composition a ‘hit’ in the international punkrock scene and contributed to their fast rising ‘fame’.

For the following compilations I have lesser memories. Sorry, or take it as compliment. Assumedly the drugs were very good in your place.

Emma compilation (M.A. Draje records): Emma was a squat in Amsterdam where we performed twice. Ooops, I remember now a story. On one of these two concerts we played with MDC (US). During this concert the PA was installed by a company, but they left without leaving a capable technician behind. I did the sound for Pandemonium. MDC performed after us, nobody at the desk. At that point I didn’t even realize there was no local tech. Wouter, the gig organizer took the desk (but was incapable). After few songs he found me asking to help out. By that time the PA was blown. To safe the night we turned the monitors around pointing towards audience who didn’t seem to notice and had a great time. (ok, after posting this I was informed that I had a memory blur. This MDC gig was in a squat called ‘Wijers’ not in the Emma. The song is from the Emma compilation where Pandemonium also performed.

Wie Lange Noch (Double A records). German compilation

Peace Compilation (Radical Records). Well know compilation (2 LP) from US label with almost all important hardcore-punkrock bands of that moment (1984) contributing.

VHC-Money Makes Justice. Limbabwe 33rpm 7” compilation from live recordings in the VHC Venlo. More info on the ‘VHC-Money Makes Justice’ download page.

Babylon: Bleibt Fahren. (Babylon Bleibt Fahren Records). Compilation of live recordings from the club Babylon in Hengelo where Pandemonium was a regular guest. We had good contact with that club and the promoter (Guus). Often we visited each-others concerts.


01) Zukunft (Vlaaikots)
02) Wir Fahren Gegen Nazi’s (Vlaaikots)
03) Fuck Trix (Vlaaikots)
04) Wir Fahren Gegen Nazi’s (Als je haar maar goed zit 2)
05) Traffic Lights (Als je haar maar goed zit 2)
06) Bad Dreams (Als je haar maar goed zit 2)
07) Between The Lines (Emma)
08) No Place For Me (Wie Lange Noch)
09) Pay For Shit (Peace)
10) No More Talk (VHC)
11) Feelings Won’t Change (Babylon)
12) Mit Schwarzer Fahne (Babylon)

Download the compilation from compilations zip here:




This is a previous unreleased concert I have on cassette here at home. One of the first Pandemonium live performances. I recorded many gigs in Bauplatz . Used simple stereo cassette player with two build in microphones positioned near the FOH. The FOH desk was in front of the dj booth. Often people hanged in the dj booth. The lockable room created a private spot. On all recordings you can hear the people standing close to dj booth and mixing desk, talking between songs. I only have a part of the concert. Didn’t specify the song titles. You get it in one track. This is for the fans or those who are curious to hear how Pandemonium sounded live in their beginning.

Download the live concert here: Live In Bauplatz Venlo Jan 31


Der Peter


Organizing the archive I found a cassette tape with 5 studio recordings from Pandemonium. Few of them could be released earlier on compilations. Some songs are re-recordings of previous recorded tracks. I do remember we did few short recording sessions not related to planned releases. It could be that this recording was done the same day ‘Een voor het VHC’ was recorded since this is the 5th song on the tape. For sure these tracks are from a later period if you hear the sound quality and song arrangements. The last song (track 5) is not really a Pandemonium alone song. Few people (Pieter/Martin?) contributed in the composition. The 3 members of Pandemonium do play with Pieter (Disgust/Gore) added on guitar (I think, barely remember). Inspired by the ‘We Are The World’ idea, the complete ‘scene’ sings. The song is about the VHC squat and people in Venlo.

Recorded/engineered/mixed/mastered by Matski. Produced by Pandemonium/Matski.


1) No Place For Me
2) Amok
3) T.V. Activity
4) Victim Of Age
5) Een Voor Het VHC

Download these 5 songs here: 5




Found these on a DAT tape in the archive. Always unsatisfied with the technical results of Pandemonium recordings I gave it an attempt to remix the old multitracks (8 tracks) somewhere late eighties. Finally I had machines available I could polish the tracks a bit. Nowadays I would care less, but in those days I was still eager to try, discover and learn. After working with music for many years I found out it’s the dynamics and energy what counts, not cold, neat and clean recordings. Still for collectors and those who are interested I created a zip.

When ready with the remixes I played it for Der Peter. He thought it was useless and didn’t want to do anything with it.

Recorded/engineered/mixed/mastered/Produced by Matski.


1) Bad Dreams
2) Opposition
3) No More Talk/Full Prove
4) Zionshit
5) Wir Fahren Gegen Nazi’s
6) No Place For Me
7) You Are My Sunshine
8. Obvious From The Start
9) The Rotten Top
10 Between The Lines

Take your own decision and download the remixes zip here:


You like to have all above mentioned downloads in one zip? click here:
Not included in ‘PANDEMONIUM-COMPLETE are:
– Pandemonium – Last Concert
– Pandemonium Live De Buze, Steenwijk 13-10-84
Because both files reached me after uploading ‘complete’


From the ‘Lost Limbabwe Tapes’: the very last Pandemonium concert. Date: March 18, 1989. This was a Pandemonium reunion (one occasion exclusive concert). It was a benefit for the local Tegelen North rock-club OOC. The venue was under threat by local authorities. I spare you the political details but supply short history.

The club was founded in 1970 by the youngsters (hippies) than. They expressed their cult and at the same time created an important base for future generations, especially organizing and expressing music. Through the period of a decade stage, PA, rehearsal space, audio and video studio was realized. We (the first punk/Martinusstraat scene) were second generation and last who expressed a cult in the club. This was before Pandemonium joined the scene.

From 1982 it all went downhill. Not so much the visitors, but the spirit of cultural movement slowly faded. The Yuppie area arrived. The world returned to primitive standards in which cheap bizznix yups cheating population for personal wealth and power gain respect and position, sad enough by the poor people they fooled. This is still going on today. (When does this finally change? Don’t you get it people, you don’t win, only a few are rich, NOT YOU, give up the competition, start the battle, kill the capitalists.)

Anyway, back to the OOC. This became just a stage, organizing gigs, ran like any company. The club never disappeared but moved to new location and changed name. Its still there until today. New generations came to do their thing. An upliving period was early 90ties due to techno, and I understood its going pretty ok lately too. New generations, new movements doing the same old thing. No problem. All must past and rock clubs are for youngsters. We can discuss this further during our next golf weekend (joke).

Back to the gig. We organized this with a bunch to support the OOC and starting the ‘Friends of OOC Association’. Somehow we all felt this would be the last night like in the old days. Everybody who once was related to the OOC came. Some hadn’t been there for years. Many bands played, not only Pandemonium. It was for the last time with the old scene in the OOC. The place was packed, the atmosphere great (you will hear). Famous Dutch jazz saxophone player Hans Dulfer performed together with Pandemonium. Dulfer was an icon from the first OOC generation. Well planned choice joining the first and last together on this particular night.

I found the tape in my archive. It’s a reel to reel Maxell recorded on Revox B77 in slow speed (7 ½ ips). The recording is done by two room mics directly into the tape machine. The tape is pretty worn out. Sound isn’t brilliant either. Had lots of polishing work to make it listenable. This is the best I can do. If you listen don’t get shocked at the start. The beginning was heavenly overloaded distorted. Nothing I could do here. Sound improves slowly and is listenable after 10 minutes.

I give you the complete gig from beginning to end in one file. Total time approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. No song ID’s or track list. No editing of long breaks between the songs. There is lots of talking on Dutch, sorry for those who can’t understand, ask someone who speaks the language. Totally on the end I added a Pandemonium ‘gag’ lasting 75 seconds I found on another lost reel.

This recording is in typical ‘bootleg’ style, important document for hardcore fans and everybody related to the OOC until late 80ties.

This zip is not included in the ‘Pandemonium Complete’ file.

Download the file here:

PANDEMONIUM – ‘Live De Buze Steenwijk 13-10-84

Although I don’t remember shite of this gig, I somehow do remember vaguely De Buze in Steenwijk.
Anyway, this live recording comes from Vincent in France. Tanx!
This file is not included in the ‘Pandemonium-Complete’ zip.

Recorded by: unknown
01 Amok
02 MitSchwarze Fahne/Demonstrate
03 TV Activity
04 Conned Again
05 No More Talk
06 Feelings Won’t Change
07 UN Real
08 Paid Of
09 Computerplay
10 Full Prove
11 Wir Fahren Gegen Nazi’s/Zuviel
12 Pogonaise
13 No Reaction
14 Suspect of Ignorance
15 Nobody Knows
16 Kill

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For the second time in a short period Vincent from France surprises me with a live recording from Pandemonium. This time its a concert on 18 February 1984 in Babylon, Hengelo, The Netherlands.
This recording triggered memories. I remember Babylon very well. Besides Pandemonium performing there very often, with a group punkrockers from Venlo we visited Babylon to see shows plus I sometimes went there with the PA (sound equipment) to service concerts. These drives where crazy. PA’s were big boxes in those days, never fitting a van, so I rented a small truck. After the PA was loaded there was sufficient space left for lots more and often crazy local punks decided to hop along in the back for the ride (and gig). It was a crazy time doing lots of foolish wild things I would never agree with getting older (wiser?). The youngsters in the cargo trailer sat on top of the equipment with door locked for a 2 to 3 hour drive, not able to get out until I came to open the door from the outside. Communication with the front cabin was not possible. In the cabin was only room for two! A kid that helped me out with the job and me. I remember not having a driving licence yet, but the help did. Often though he got so drunk that I drove home (without licence + people in the cargo trailer!!!!!). Crazy we were, but it was mostly that dusky time in the night/early morning where the roads were empty and cops having coffee breaks. I must have done some complete up and down drives too. At Babylon, backing up the truck in the alley towards loading door, I always demolished the rain-pipe (yes Guus, sorry, it was me….) disappearing in a blind corner of the mirror.
Guus was the local promoter, or more official ‘social worker’. All rockclubs in The Netherlands are actually social centres. People working there are on paper social workers. Guus was a great guy, easy with everything and supporting the local punk rock scene. More often he came to Venlo with some Hengelo punks visiting gigs in OOC/Bauplatz. It was the days that hardcore-punk was at its top in Europe. The often (small) venues (social centres or squats) where packed. Impossible to do nowadays. Ooc/Bauplatz had a max capacity of 300 divided over 2 rooms, bar and concert space. The place would be so full its barely possible to walk. Hardcore gigs attracted sometimes over 500 visitors. If I think about all the risk we took (we organized them – a group of volunteers-). I am still amazed nothing too serious went wrong, although it once did, but lucky the damage wasn’t to big. That was during a MDC gig where an idiot in the crowd pulled a knife. Panic all over, everybody wanted to go out at the same time. Impossible in a room with an official capacity of 200, holding over 350 people, and only two small doors out. I am still surprised just one or two people got little hurt (nothing to serious). On another over sold hardcore gig I ran around in the evening opening all doors and windows just for the sake of safety. Who cares some get in for free. All tickets are sold anyway!
Ok, time for the recording. I got the file dated 24-6-1984, but the gig was for sure on 18-2-1984. Online you might come across files of a Pandemonium gig in Hengelo 24-6-1984, that is this same gig you can download below. I am sure it was on February 18. Behind Rowdy (drums) hangs the Crucifix backdrop plus on the recordings Der Peter mentions that they are the next band performing. In their short existence Crucifix toured Europe only once, that was in that period. The February date is also mentioned on the ‘Babylon Revival’ site.
It was a wild night with many drunk punkrockers in the audience having obviously a good time. In the long breaks between the songs you hear them screaming and singing. They force Pandemonium to play the Toten Hosen (German punkrock band) classic ‘Bommelunder’, what they do on the end.
Online I found a picture of the gig:


There are many Germans in the audience. Its a pity if you don’t understand German or Dutch. Best part of this recording is the screaming, joking and singing inbetween the songs. Often individuals from the audience use the leadsingers mic. On the end of the recording, just before ‘Bommelunder’ I even hear myself talking.
Pandemonium, probably aware of the wild rousing audience ready for good night must have thought best is to start with a few classic hits. ‘Wir Fahren Gegen Nazi’s’ is the opening song, very uncommon for them, and they even repeat it twice more in this set.
The concert is originally recorded on a cassette tape. You can hear that clearly at the beginning, its that typical fluttering sound older worn-out tapes have in the first few inches. I am sure I recorded this tape. Its a recording from FOH (mixing desk) and I was the engineer plus the tape starts a bit in the first song. Thats so typical me. Until today I always forget to start recordings just before the concert takes of. Mostly after few seconds (or minutes) I realize to press the button. What ever happened to the tape then, I don’t know. Mostly I give recordings to the performers. Miraculous, after 30 years the recording returns.
I got the file with every song split individually. I thought the atmosphere of this particular concert comes out much better if it is one flowing gig, so its edited in one long mp3. No songlist, takes me to much figuring this out. This download is not included in the ‘Pandemonium Complete’ file. Here the download:

PANDEMONIUM ‘Live In Babylon, Hengelo (NL) February 18, 1984

Recordings: Matski
01) Complete gig

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