The Neuroot was from Arnhem (one bridge too far). We had good contacts with this scene, especially with Stol, basplayer on this tape. Arnhem had the ‘Stokvishall’ local punkclub. A big empty factory hall. Attended my second The Clash gig there. It was their ‘Give Them Enough Rope’ tour. Good gig, lesser good album. First time I saw The Clash was a year before in Belgium. Great show. Massive loud and therefore heavy distorted. Couldn’t recognize the songs so don’t remember the set list. Do remember the support act: Elvis Costello. Totally unknown (but not for long). Funny, these early punkrock days. The stars then had only a short live. The supports survived longer (Costello-Clash/Sting-Damned).


The Neuroot was a heavy punkrock band English style. They where good although I must say its not my thing nowadays anymore. Neuroot means (obvious) Neurotic.

Recorded in the basement of Bauplatz.

Funny, someone had to remind me about the release. Sure I remember recording this but not for Limbabwe release. I always thought it was released somewhere else.

I did one more recording session with Stol, the first single of Mother. Great drummer in this band. Early 90ties. The studio already moved to Tegelen centre.

Recorded and mastered by: Matski Produced by Matski & Neuroot


01) Ignorant
02) Conservative
03) Police Provocation
04) Dogs Of The System
05) G.B.O. Gestapo
06) I Won’t Conform
07) Macht Kaput Wass Euch Kaput Macht
08) State Brain
09) Royal Menace
10) Crisis
11) Democracy

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From the ‘Lost Limbabwe Tapes’ I found 2 songs, both untitled.

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