KOSMETIKA – INHUMAN BRAIN (Limbabwe 11) 1983

From all ‘new wave’ kinda bands at Limbabwe I liked Kosmetika the most. Their music had more drive and sometimes surprising structures.

Kosmetika came from a nearby village called Horst. The place had a strong music scene in the 80ties. Also Integendeel and more individual musicians came from Horst. Strong scenes often don’t explode out of nowhere. Horst had a local rockclub called Zopo. The promoter at that moment managed to put Zopo on the map of well known rotating club-acts in The Netherlands. I remember engineering a Laibach gig in Zopo and attended shows of Nico and Blurt (Ted Milton). Not bad for a farmers village on the country side. All this music not related to ‘ZZ-Top-type-of-standard-rock-tunes’ for sure influenced the youngsters at that moment. The downside of a village venue is that everybody between 15 and 30 is there. The only ‘happening’ on their weekend night. 90% of the audience was more interested in beer and conversations about latest tractor technology. Artists on stage got often (mostly) ignored. Due to audience lack of interest, Ted Milton and Nico left the stage angry not finishing their gig.

Anyway, we still have two great downloads of Kosmetika and Integendeel.

Kosmetika members are ‘related’. My roots are strangled with an old big important family from Horst. My grandfather owned the main tavern at the village square. Since Brando we all know that ‘thee familee ees importante’. So we recorded a tape plus contribution on AHB.

Kosmetika members in the Bauplatz studio

No track names are mentioned on the cover. Couldn’t find any info in my archive either, so I numbered the songs from 1 to 9.



Recorded and mastered by Matski. Produced by Kosmetika.

Tracklist: No 1 to 9.

Download the story of four farmer sons here:


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