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Besides the music I have here I do not remember much of this band. Ok, Gert Jan played the bas, do remember that. The music is strongly influenced by Joy Division. There are no stories. Don’t even remember a gig. Its not my thing. Don’t like it.

Koko contributed on Alle Honden Blaffen. The cassette covers don’t give much info. Band members as mentioned on the AHB Cover: Gert Jan van Avesaath, George Borghouts, Wiek Smets, Henk Verstraelen.

The two tapes where released in cooperation with Henk’s label ‘Object/Gegenstand’.

KOKO ZOZO – MEANWHILE AT THE NOSETRILS (Limbabwe-Object/Gegenstand 2) 1984


Although I think this was the first Koko Zozo release it could be their second release on Limbabwe but first on Henks label Object/Gegenstand. But I could be wrong. Who cares!

Recorded and mastered: Unknown. Produced by Koko Zozo


1) Le Pied Droit
2) Uncountable Babies
3) Line Up
4) Read Upwards Yes
5) Strange Answer
6) Prove Guiltiness
7) Flying Man
8) Een Hele Neus Vol

Meanwhile download this here:


KOKO ZOZO – OFF THAT BEATEN TRACK (Limbabwe-Object/Gegenstand 3) 1985


The second tape.

Recorded and mastered: Unknown. Produced by Koko Zozo


1) Two
2) Dearest
3) Atlantis
4) Secret Moments
5) X Meets X
6) Rats & Flies
7) Body Action
8) Outside

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