Kleine Negertjes



KLEINE NEGERTJES (Limbabwe-Object/Gegenstand 1)

1983 The third and last coalition release with the label Object/Gegenstand. Ofcourse another ‘Henk’ project. Not my taste.

The name translated in English ‘Little Negro’s’. I know, a questionable title. For sure no bad intentions by the band. In Dutch language the ‘impact’ of this title feels very different, although I think its very questionable that the Dutch ‘celebrate’ racism and slavery every year on December 5, where a black painted man performs like one clumsy, evil slave owned by a big white guy with long grey beard (St Nicolas). The Dutch call it ‘tradition’, I call it racism.


The music on ‘Negertjes’ is leaded by electronics. Henk experiments with synthesizers and sequencers. He plays music with same people as in Koko Zozo and Cherokee. Carin: Vocals/Synth, Wiek: Drums, Gerard: Bass on track 1, Goof: Guitar on track 7 and Henk: Synth/Guitar.

The cover mentions Limbabwe catalogue number 14. But this is wrong. No 14 was Sanity Commission.

Recorded, mastered and produced by: track 1/3/5/7 Hans Nijssen, track 2/4 Henk Wismans, track 6 Gerard Reutelingsperger.


1) Ay Chinita
2) Piet Mondriaan In Amerika 1
3) Ali
4) Six Six Six – Sex
5) Nevels
6) Piet Mondriaak In Amerika 2
7) Gimme A Mainstream

That little download is here:



Due to regular requests obtaining the Kleine Negertjes recordings in a more upgraded format, here a download in WAV.
This download is a straight copy from the cassette master, side A/side B not edited!!! You get it with the unavoidable tape noise, songs not split in ID’s. Cover/song list/ etc…. is not included, if needed, download also the mp3 file



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