The last but not least download from old Limbabwe recordings. Sure more downloads will be added here, but they are new or non-Limbabwe releases.

Like Kosmetika, Integendeel is from Horst. Horst is a farmers village specialized in mushrooms, uhhhh, not only these ones that make you fly. More those you eat. Better known as champignons. In Horst are many champignons basements. Dark cold moisty concrete basements. Large spaces with interesting acoustic reverbs. Two drummers from Horst, Piet and Wiek discovered this and started to rehearse in a mushroom basement. During these rehearsals this tape was recorded. Simple, 2 mics straight into a recorder. Directly live on tape with the room reverberations. The result is great.


I like this tape but due to extreme allergic reactions with mushrooms I stay far away from the cellars.

Piet and Wiek jam along on drums and percussion with background tapes they pre-recorded.

If you like to watch them performing here 2 vid links:


Piet, Integendeel

Also here tracks are without titles. I numbered them from 1 to 17. Originally the tape was released with 11 tracks. I only have the master that contains 17 tracks, 6 alternative takes of previous performed pieces. Since I do not remember what take ended up on the original release I give you all. Something I would have done anyway.

Enuhh, oh yeah: Integendeel means ‘On The Contrary’ in Dutch.

Recorded, mastered and produced by Piet and Wiek

Tracklist: 1 to 11

12 to 17 alternative takes.

Download the mushroom drummers here:

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