GOTEFIX – LIVING SUITCASES ON CORE (Limbabwe/Weteltapejes 1) 1985

This cassette tape was released in coalition with the band own label ‘Wenteltapejes’. This label lasted probably only one release (this tape).

Gotefix means street-dog. Its local slang from Tegelen North. Officially there should be a diagonal line through the o (Scandinavian style) but my keyboard doesn’t have the option. It can also be written in oe (Goetefix). The o should be pronounced like ‘eu’ as in onion or Goethe (The poet). Just for the facts so you get it right!

Cassette cover with correct spelling

Gotefix was a punkrock band from the last Martinusstraat generation and also one of the last Limbabwe recordings in the 80ties. They where young, landed at Limbabwe following Pandemonium. They had already a dress code influenced by the California hardcore punkrock fashion.

Limbabwe was never a punkrock label. Besides Pandemonium I only had a very few punkrock releases. This was one of them. The music is very adolescence and clumsy. Never played the tape. Heard it this week (while editing) for the first time since 25 years.


Tape & box

Gotefix did few gigs and enjoyed small local following. They had ‘local hits’ like ‘Fuck the Vara’ and ‘Rambo’. Probably the most remarkable event in their existence was a gig on the roof of Martinusstraat (Limbabwe) after The Beatles (Let It Be) example on the Apple roof. Here few pictures:


Left: Frans on bas, Noel on guitar in the middle and Carlo behind the drums. The singer (Marcel) disappeared, probably jumped of?


Aha, here is Marcel (In the middle). The in the first years strong and firm waving ‘squat’ flag  is allready worn out to a half rotten cloth. Symbolic for the downfall of De Martinusstraat already in 1985. The best years where over for some time.

Recorded, produced and mastered by Matski.


01) Fuck The Vara
02) Ronnie
03) You Will All Die
04) Rebel
05) Defenceless Animal
06) Rambo
07) Rambo Dub
08) Nooit Meer Fascisme
09) Church
10) Macho Kids
11) Suck Cops
12) I Hate Society
13) Total Gotefix

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