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Ofcourse downloads below are not Limbabwe recordings. Its free music! That’s not the reason I ad them on my page. Free Music is a project by Adam Sherburne.

Before starting Free Music Adam was a member of Consolidated, well known touring act in the 90ties. I don’t bother you to much about Consolidated history. Surf the web, their story is easy to find, and mostly (besides dates/years) true (I worked with Consolidated almost through their complete career).

After the band broke up Adam kept playing music. In the beginning he still used the name Consolidated, but after a while this changed into Free Music. Disappointed in the music industry, Adam gave (gives) away his music for free. What he does (and this is supported by me) is giving another meaning to music. (These are my words, it’s a funny contradiction with the cd title ‘The End Of Meaning’). Free Music is a new form of communication by playing music and expressing other creativities, without using the standard bizznix tools (venues, managers, record deals, cd’s, stages, contracts, agents,……). An idea that must be supported worldwide by all creative people.

Until this day I am in contact with Adam and support Free Music. That’s why I offer these downloads on this site. Years ago I had the Free Music Movie available here, now its back on this page in free download zip below.


Is the name of a new project from Adam Sherburne. Former singer/guitar player of CONSOLIDATED. There is no bio. Here a compilation of its and bits plus interview. Read it. It says everything. You want to know more? Get it in youre house, club,festival, event, manifestation, demonstration,………DO IT YOURSELF Or come to see, meet and join when it happens near to you!

What we do is not performance. It is an invitation for strangers to meet and communicate in real time with all creative tools. It is, infact, a new politics, a new humanness. Hype the realtime painting and the invitation to all people to create with us.


bands(fixed group)   friends,strangers,different every time
playing shows ($)   playing in public(no$)
making recordings($)   having fun now, not ‘saving it for later'(no$)
promotional existence($)   promoting existence(no$)
Monologues   Dialogue
band meetings, business meetings   no more meetings
rehearsal,performance   end of shows, all playing is teaching-learning and practicing- creating
com’posers’, song publishing   end of songs,songwriters, and trying to possess 3 chords as private property (although free music! plays many songs)
clear distinction between ‘artists’ and ‘consumers’, ‘stars’ and ‘fans’,   end of ‘artists,consumers,stars, fans, beginning of people relearning how to be people
parasitic satellite economy (managers,promoters, agents, admins, etc.)   community, not economy, no mediation or representation, all those people are playing music
definition of ‘free music’; adj, describes surplus of devalued music commodities   definition of ‘free music!’; verb, describes the act of liberating music from it’s commodity prison, it’s relation to $, and returning it to all.



A Heartbeat for the Movement

April 9, 2012

by Adam Sherburne in conversation with K. Kendall

Originally from the bay area, Adam Sherburne is a musician who fought the music industry and most things American for over 20 years with his projects “Consolidated” and Free Music! Stop America!
“I call myself a trans-jester, because we’ve had countless jesters, like we’ve had countless activists, revolutionaries, labor organizers, critical journalists, and protest artists. We haven’t gotten it done, we didn’t transcend war, racism, and global environmental destruction. Getting it done requires the Occupy movement now. We and those that guard power (officials, cops, the 2-20%) must transcend our historical relations if we’re to transform our future human relations.”
“Free is a verb. To free music doesn’t mean giving away devalued music products, it means liberating music from its commodity prison. It means leaving the monologue of performance, the private property fetish of songwriting, the stockpiling of the past in recordings. It means talking/listening and teaching/learning at the same time. To free music is to occupy the music industry.”
“Music announced the inevitability of the Occupy movement fifteen years ago, but no one wanted to hear it, least of all business and musicians. File-sharing proved that the days of digital music profits were numbered, and the prevailing 100-year-old economic model of the sale of mass replicated copies (cars, televisions, bombs, computers, records, etc.) would also pass into history.”
“Stop America means stopping nation states, global capitalism, organized religion, and class society. If you stop America, you begin to create something that really scares power, the Occupy camps. You create a community that welcomes and cares for all with little need for money, administration, or permission.”
Sherburne taught music to homeless youth in Portland at the non-profit Artist Mentorship Program (AMP) for five years. When he showed up to begin dis-organizing music at Occupy Portland in early October, 2011, Sherburne found many of his homeless music colleagues ensconced in camp.
“They had already created the infrastructure for an autonomous city: peace and safety, media, medics, a mobile coffee collective, a future mayoral candidate,” he said. “People were meeting and producing a different future, so I knew it was the place for me.”
“What I call Free Music is now my on-going week-to-week involvement in Occupy. if there’s an action, free sound is there. We’re keeping the beat for marches and chants, inviting more musicians, encouraging them to see and hear how the sound of Occupy differs from the sound of Wall Street. The Wall Street sound is bands, shows, promotion, and tickets. I walk many miles around this city playing music with folks in the streets and talking to them about all the issues, making human real-time connections.”
Sherburne is disappointed to hear people talk about music as morale building. To him, music is much more than that.
“Music is not simply entertainment. It keeps the marches going strong while telling the story of the revolution. Music literally speaks the truth of police brutality, racism, and poverty. Music–played by people on the streets to change their world, NOT the programmed ‘tracks’ used by well-intentioned media collectives to create neat little rad video collages–records how we got here, and it announces where this movement is going next.”
Sherburne has two questions for us: Are we willing to listen? And then play together?

So here we go. On this site with loads of free music you can download all Free Music/Consolidated albums each in one zip. Ofcourse only the last 2 Consolidated albums are available. These recordings where released in a Free Music context. All earlier albums have the usual copyright shite. So I am sorry, no free ‘You Suck’ or ‘AmericaNo 1’ here. Sure the individual musicians from Consolidated would agree if I offer these older albums, but there are also the bizznix suckers like record-companies fuckers and such who claim rights. If I find these downloads free somewhere on the web I will leave a link on this page.




The first release of Free Music/Consolidated was still pressed as ‘official’ cd. Jewel box with booklet and printed cd. Now….. the worst and silliest thing ever. Amazon offers this cd for prices between $ 25 and $ 35. DO NOT BUY IT. download here for free!

Musicians on this cd are Adam Sherburne, Kevin Carnes, Michael Dunn and Todd Bryerton.

Recorded and mastered by Mark Pistol. Produced by Adam Sherburne


01 Momentary Illusion of Autonomy
02 I Don’t Live Today
03 Tragedat at Neah Bay
04 Procession for the Endless Re- processing
05 Just for the Sake of Fashion
06 You Go Dude
07 What Does It Mean?
08 Freedom Now, Sweet!
09 Get in Touch With Your Inner Loser
10 Men Will Never Legislate a Pregnant Woman’s Experience
11 Fall Out of Culture Industry
12 How Many Woodstock Brokers and Broke Stalkers Would?
13 Guns and Boys Who Kill
14 This Dance Together Is Love of So Many Lifetimes
15 Controlled from Outer Space
16 Speech and Harm
17 When Asked About Being Turned Out at 12, She Said, ‘…
18 Race of Questions
19 The Technological Rationale Is the Rationale of Domination Itself
20 Shame, Shame, Shame
21 You Make Me Feel
22 My Conversation With Kevin
23 I Remember You from Tennis Camp
24 It’s All About Money of Course

Download the Meaning here:




Although not sure, I think this cd never had a ‘hard copy’ release. Spread some around without cover (never knew there was one) here in Europe myself. The cd is completely done by Adam Sherburne and Kevin Carnes themselves. Think that even Mark Pistol was not involved (but not sure). From Adam I got a cdr master in the mail without detailed information

Produced, mastered recorded by Adam Sherburne and Kevin Carnes


1 Please Stop Amerikkka
2 Bluesa for Marcuse. Possibilities for Future Meaning.
3 Kwatinetz and the New Mobyists Will Devour Each Other, Creating new space for people and sounds…..
4 After Years of Maddening Debate and ‘Process’, The People Decide that institutions,private property,and stereo speakers must be destroyed
5 Voices from the Rubble; Tell the Truth About the Culture industry…’Your tired shit is over’
6 ‘Bong’ra. Just Because It ‘Is’ Doesn’t Mean It ‘Should Be’…
7 Careful What You Wish for..Bush, Bin Laden, Catholic Priests, etc
8 No War Is Just. It Is the Women and Children Who Do Most of the suffering, become mostly the victims…
9 Creative Life or Stockpiled Death?
10 Coffee’s First Shop…Pistel’s ’87
11 Eulogy Over the Grave of Music.
12 Crisis of the Musician, 1A: INeed a Lot of Bad Attention
13 Crisis of the Musician, 2A: How Songwriting Destroyed My Humanity
14 Crisis of the Musician, 3A: Can We Face Our Fear of Creative Freedom
15 Poisoned Culture Cannot Stopthe Infinite Vision of the Drum
16 It’s All Hype, Designed to Sell Records, But I Convinced Myself…
17 Bootleg; ‘don’t Worry, If There’s Hell Below, We’re All Gonna Go
18 Eisler Crushes That Shit…
19 Bootleg; Moment of Autonomy in the Public Sphere
20 Hold My Vegan Shrimpball While I Try to Get in This Picture With bono and woody harrelson…
21 Yesterme, Yesteryou, Yestermorrow..Punk Rock Shit for Imaginary futures

Download that stockpile here:




The first real Free Music release. I think also never printed in hard material. Also had the master send on cdr. No info whatsoever. There are many musicians joining Adam supporting the Free Music idea. It would anyway be improper to mention them. On the cd are only 11 ID’s, I never got the songtitles. Online I found a list with 12 titles. Therefore I didn’t name the tracks in the download zip. Sort it out yourself, here the tracklist:

1. Free Music!
2. Bluesa for Marcuse (From Free Music or Stockpiled Death?)
3. I Wanna Be…
4. You Can Kill the Workers At Will to Have Fun, but You Can’t Kill
5. Please Stop America (From Free Music or Stockpiled Death?)
6. We Make the Sound of a Different Future
7. Meat Tube Uprising
8. Dawn of Marcuse: Pregnant Women and Queers Prove Every Day That
9. Cockstar Stupornova: the Culture Industry Hemmoraging Cheese
10. Crooked Beet 2
11. An Army of None: the Old I Want Peace, but I Still Want Americ
12. Headbutting Myself in the Nuts Repeatedly: Can Men Evolve?

Download Free Music here:



The Free Music club made a movie. Lots of good music and funny scenes. Worthy to watch. Download the movie here:


‘Ha! Ha! Ass Clown’ 2012: The End of Times, The End of Bands.

Hey Folks, I’m submitting a copy of the new album “2012: the end of times, the end of bands” by global rock phenomenon ha! Ha! ass clown! for review and interview consideration.
ha! ha! ass clown! is the only example EVER of the construction of a fictitious band, for the express purpose of discussing the end of bands; The only album ever produced, for the express purpose of discussing the end of album production; the only promotional existence ever created, to create the end of promotional existence.
ha! ha! ass clown! are currently distributed by ‘ur shit is done records’ but are negotiating a 3-way, multi album, 360* deal with Facebook/Youtube. This summer the band are headlining many European metal festivals (rothskilda, hulsfredt, skullfuk), gay techno concerts (love parade, schwarzwald faeiries rave braunschweig), and huge pop events (phoenix, pink pop, douchepoppe).
Grammy winning producer jacquire king (kings of leon, tom waits) has agreed to remix the 1st single, ‘free metal!/I’m a poseur’ and jack dangers (meatbeat manifesto, timo corp) is doing dubstep and chillwave remixes of ‘y.t.s.o.’ and conscientizacao’.
All additional band info (video’s, bios, tour dates, merch, etc.) will be on the Facebook site pending completion of the deal.
Thanks very much for your consideration. feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


Howie Livin

Ur shit is done management

“a spectre is haunting the music industry-that spectre is free music!

ha! ha! ass clown! 2012: the end of times, the end of bands

1 annoying promo trailer
2 more than a revolution/ the last band
3 so called bosses/ the last recording
4 death throes of the culture industry
5 free metal! / I’m a poseur!
6 the beginning of teaching and learning/ the last show
7 conscientizacao
8 spangin’/ the homeless youth of Portland will have their accountability from   the non- profit industrial complex
9 to all the musicians/ if you want to do shit you gotta douche it
10 until americans see the images of mass arrest children
11 the war../ music’s relation to life
12 ..and after/ what is music(and life) then?
13 free productive freedom! stop trying to stop what u can’t stop, haven’t stopped, and won’t stop!
14 y.t.s.o. (homophobia is gay)
15 after slavery and war
16 mack the nyfe/ homeless youth rock the streets!
17 we’re going to a different world, we’re making a different sound

thanks to the community for making the music

playin, singin, producin, engineerin- frank

playin, singin-jason, rich, andy, casey, Courtney, mack and all free musicians!

Download the new Free Music clowns here:



No cover available


1) f29. Everyday is a great day to revolute! Just ask 80yr old that have been ‘occupying’ for 60 years.
2) what is anarchism, now? what do you think? This is known. ‘you can give a child an i-pod, or you can teach ’em how to play music’.
3) can we acknowledge difference? Fear of difference, or, viva le difference!
4) Oops! Making mistakes learning a version of a Balkan ‘cocek’
5) live to ride another day, ride to live another day.
6) longing for different tomorrows. The end of war and slavery: a bicycle powered by music, that flies!
7) the world is on fire. america and the music industry, ur shit is done.
8) what is jazz, now? What are blackness, whiteness, america, and sound, now? Does it still possess the truth of american narrative? Is it merely the most enduring form, withstanding the endless assaults of blues wanking guys like me? It’s relation to later black music innovations (r&b, funk, reggae, hip-hop,etc.). What do you think?
9) birds. Nature sound
10) mali hatched
11) jobs. Why do you think they say ‘you got worked’?
12) Ethiopunques
13) maya angielou. Version of the poem ‘I rise’.
14) free music! To acknowledge the suffering and to offer sonic support to the people fighting for their humanity around the world
15) how much difference can you deal with? Can we freely explore life with each other without reverting to dominance and oppression? While admitting to the pathological effects of a history defined by dominance and oppression.
16) all power to the people! Dialectical conduction by all, no formal ‘leaders’.
17) extreme difference. This sound kills i-tunes. No more “paying my own $ to prove that I exist in an industry that doesn’t”
18) thanks folks. That was great, can’t wait to do it with you next year! Bring more people next time!..
19) whither, rock ‘n’ roll? Its’ history as expropriated black culture, youth consumer engineering, and false rebellion; its’ collapse; then what?

The musicians: kevin, mark, david, jack, theresa, gabriel, brandi, marat, lee, adam, bill, angie, mark, susanna
educorded: 8/30/2012 s.f.
Teknacle help: mark, jack, not frank, you’re welcome frank, sorry mark and jack
rock it people! Don’t nuy it, occupy it!

Download here:
The link opens another Limbabwe page. Click on the link on that page to download the file.

On request because ’hard to get’ (for free on MP3).
No info presented, the music is sufficient plus I am not in the possession of a scanner offering the full album design:



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