The following downloads are not Limbabwe releases but so much related to the Tegelen North scene that they belong in this download section.


A bootleg cassette tape with live recordings from concerts in Bauplatz. The tape contains few interesting recordings. There is a track of the legendary band Metal Tanz (read ‘introduction’). They never had a release. This is the only public song available. Surprising are a few live tracks from international acts f.e. Einsturzende Neubauten in their very early beginning, 17 January 1982. Rumors say that this Bauplatz concert was Neubauten’s first over the border (out of Germany) gig.

Rumors also say (and you can read this on several web pages) that The Best Off Bauplatz was a Limbabwe release. Not true. It would be obvious, but nowhere on the cover Limbabwe is mentioned. The release has no Limbabwe catalogue number.

The cover came in traditional 70ties ‘bootleg’ style design. White with basic black lettering. On the cover it says (in Dutch) ‘recorded with small cassette recorder and compiled by Ikwaleizer’.


Only band name and date of performance/recording are mentioned, no song titles.

Recorded, mastered and produced by unknown. Compiled by Ikwaleizer.


01) The Ex
02) Prompt
03) Zoo
04) Theatre Of Hate
05) The Brassers
06) Metal Tanz
07) Einsturzende Neubauten
08) Pandemonium
09) Alive Detail
10) Motel Bokassa

Download the best Bauplatz days here:



The Last Post was an ‘Arny’ band. Strange that no band from Arny ever made a Limbabwe release. Like the ‘Marc’ bands (Revels,…) Arny was into psychedelic rock. Most of his bands sounded 60ties psycho. They where fun bands.

The record is released by me, but not on Limbabwe. The studio was moved to Tegelen Centre turned into a private bizznix. Another soundengineer and I bought the recording equipment from the Bauplatz basement in 1988 and constructed a more ‘real’ studio on better location under the name ‘Klank’. I left this bizznix in 1999.


With The Last Post I recorded this 7” vinyl (single). It was the only release of Klank I am aware of.

Side A is a funny pop/rock tune called Shove It, with little jokes in the breaks. Side two is a typical 60ties psychedelic song.

Recorded on analogue 1 inch 16 track tape and mastered analogue on ¼ inch.   Musicians: Pe (vox/guitar/organ), Arny (vox/guitar), Jan (bas), Remko (drums)

Recorded and mastered by Matski. Produced by The Last Post and Matski.


1) Shove It
2) Universal Child

Download this final letter here:


The Last Post ‘Extra’. Found this track on the end of a forgotten reel in the dusty archive. I must have done some ‘administration’ in the past. Wrote ‘The Last Post’ on the reel, otherwise I wouldn’t remember who the band was. No songtitle, although you can easily make it up I name it ‘Extra’.

Last post in the mail news:  Last Post song is called ‘Touch Me I’m Sick’ and appeared on their first demo (tanx for the info Jan).

You can download the extra song here:


BEREND BRANDBOM – VUUR & VLAMMEN (Rubber Records 1) 198?

Everything about who made this record is unknown. Suddenly it appeared in stores and venues of Tegelen North. Its also a 7” vinyl with 2 songs. The label and artist name are obvious made up for one occasion. Side A of the single (De Pijp Van Stroeken) is a rap song with lyrics about a local Tegelen North political issue at that time (late 80ties). There where heavy confrontations between youth and authorities regarding the local rock club. Stroeken was the responsible ‘cultural’ politician. Berend Brandbom raps in a very rough insulting language that would even shock NWA if able to understand; Berend raps in Dutch! Side B is a ‘schlager’ interpretation of the MDC song ‘John Wayne’ (in English). You find the original on their first LP. With ‘schlager’ I mean done in a South German/Austrian ‘hillbilly’ fanfare style. Its funny.


The record had a very negative review in the main local daily dump paper that never was, is and will be worthy to read. Its even too dirty function for fish wrap. The crappy journalist started his review writing ‘his son came home with a new record he purchased’. His son? Never believe that (every word in that paper – De Limburger – is a lie). For sure the journalist bought this single himself. Probably still his favorite until today jerking every time he plays it. Ofcourse this great bad review made the record only sell better.

Recorded, produced, mastered, performed by unknown.


1) De Pijp Van Stroeken
2) John Wayne Was A Nazi

Download the Molotov cocktail here:



No label or year. Could be somewhere late 80ties/early 90ties. ‘Music For Lonely Women’ (in English). It was a cassette release. I add it because Danny was the guitar player from Pandemonium. He plays here acoustic guitar with Holger who came from Germany and had a band called ‘Oswald’. Traditonal poppy punkrock performed with fun show. All this happened when the scene was already vaporizing.


On this tape Danny and Holger create ‘easy listening’ acoustic guitar music.

Recorded by Johan, Danny & Holger. Produced by Danny & Holger.


1) Let’s go East
2) Cowgirl Mary & Cowboy John
3) Into the Timemachine
4) Die Einsame Frau
5) Let’s go West

The complete session is in one audio file.
Download the lonely women here:

This link opens a new page, click on link under zip to download.

Delerium was a band from the second punkrock Martinusstraat generation. Think they had a short existence. They never had a release on Limbabwe. Don’t know if they ever published something. The 2 tracks here come from the ‘Lost Limbabwe Tapes’. Two songs, no titles. First one I name ‘Bier’ (Beer) listen en guess why, second is difficult understanding lyrics so I called it ‘untitled’.

Jan mailed me some more info. Titles: Track 1 “Het Bierlied”, track 2 “Agent Orange”. Bandmembers: Jan (Vox), Pip (Git), Steiger (Bas), Kriss (Drums). Kriss also played drums in Wax Pontiffs, a band from Doetichem. Delerium changed drummer few times. Other two drummers were Twan and Rowdy (Pandemonium). Later Andre replaced Jan at vocals.

Download the zip here:


Some more free downloads from the ‘Lost Limbabwe Tapes’:

First two are Belgium hardcore/punk bands who enjoyed fame in the 80ties. Cannot tell you much about them besides that I have these tracks here on master tapes and remember the bands performing in clubs 25 years ago. Surf the web for more info.

First one is Capital Scum with the songs ‘Capital Scum’ and ‘Untitled’.

Download here: https://www.limbabwe.com/music/Capital_Scum.zip

Second is Zyclome A with the songs ‘Bommen Vallen’ and ‘Sick Administration’.

Download here: https://www.limbabwe.com/music/Zyclome_A.zip

Another free download is from Germany, Brigade Fozzy. Remember this band because I did a recording session with them. From Brigade Fozzy I found two songs: ‘Registrierd’ and ‘Thee Und Frieden’.

Download here: https://www.limbabwe.com/music/Brigade_Fozzy.zip


This download is not a Limbabwe release. Jan is the former guitar player from The System and AIKULA. He recorded and released this cd independently made and distributed a few copy’s among friends. He wanted to leave this recording somewhere online and asked me to put it on the Limbabwe site.



Jan recorded this cd all alone. Its funny, dramatic and dynamic. The cover was an orange A4 sheet folded to ‘cd-cover’ size. On the front it shows a whale, the back the song titles. The cd label was blanc.


Recordings performed/created/engineered/produced/mixed/mastered by Jan.


1 Partizanen!
2 Cannibal Dinner
3 Bursting Mellow Melody
4 Inflation Field
5 Fractal Surgery
6 Make This Stupid Guitar Go Away
7 Relaxing In Deep Sea Water
8 Hangover In The Jungle
9 Sunny Day
10 Resolution 4

You can download RELAXING here:

https://www.limbabwe.com/e107_files/Music/Jan Relaxing.zip

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