Duo La Lier


DUO LA LIER – STRAPATS (Limbabwe 27) 1985

The tape was recorded in November 1984 and released after New Year in 1985. The storm of cassette tapes was slowly fading. The best (and only good) years of Bauplatz/Limbabwe/Martinusstraat came to an end.

This tape was recorded in the home apartment of Kor van Lier (sax). He performs together with Hans van de Beuken (cello & e bas). Both members of Zoo. A solo project. The music is kinda modern Jazz. It all sounds very acoustic and organic. Kor’s neighbors are mentioned in the ‘tanx list’. I think they had to bare a lot. Kor lived in the ‘projects’, the rundown ‘ghetto’ of Tegelen Noord called in local slang ‘De Klok’. Maybe he tanx his neighbors for the drugs they offered or that they didn’t kill him.


The cover shows Kor and Hans in a field. Funny, the picture is not a print, but actually a picture cut and glued on the cover.

It’s a nice tape. Kor and Hans do a great contribution to the Limbabwe catalogue. I still have it near and like to play it sometimes.

Recorded and produced by Kor van Lier and Hans van de Beuken.


01) Strapats
02) Senor
03) Karavaan
04) Kermis
05) Sujukuwana
06) Goed Fout
07) Long Shot Dada
08) Pig Is Barking
09) Heavy Spirits
10) Yellow Curtains
11) hnzk…

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