DISGUST – BRAINWASH (Limbabwe 24) 1984

Punkrock. Leadsinger was Johan. Don’t remember exactly who else was in the band. Think Martin played drums, Maurice bas and Pieter (Gore) guitar. Lost this tape. I only found 7 songs in my archive (here available for download) plus the cover. Also don’t have the follow-up Zwaar Klote/Incest release (Limbabwe 25). Gave these later punkscene recordings away to someone. Might get back one day to complete this section. If not, than not! Fuck it, who cares. Its over for so long. All things must past.


Disgust released another tape in the 80ties on another label and had a re-release compilation of old material on Vinyl on Noiseanddestruction Records few years ago.

Recorded en mastered by Matski. Produced by Disgust.


1) Rebels For The Cause
2) My Land
3) II=RR
4) Chemical Co
5) No Politics
6) Commercial
7) The last train

Download the wash here:


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