Die Sanfte Verhutung


DIE SANFTE VERHUTUNG (Limbabwe 2) 1982  

The second Limbabwe release on cassette. DSV was a short (uno momento) project from 3 Metal Tanz (see introduction) members after they broke up. It was Metal Tanz without Floor. Be aware, these recordings do not reflect the music of Metal Tanz. MT was significant different.  


The music of DSV is very inspired by the ‘Berlin’ scene in that time (Sprung Aus Dem Wolken, Totliche Doris,……). Its not brilliant, but typical.

Recorded with a cassette recorder live in the rehearsing basement Martinusstraat (Limbabwe).

Musicians: Pino, Johnny, Mat.   Recorded and produced: Die Sanfte Verhutung


1) Zum Ende
2) Ohne Die Lust An Die Liebe Zu Verlieren

3) Johnny
4) Isolation
5) Die Sanfteste Verhutung seit es Stahl gibt
6) Spass

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