Der Junge Hund


DER JUNGE HUND – VERVORMD (Limbabwe 5) 1982

Der Junge Hund (The Young Dog) was based in Eindhoven. They where not really a Limbabwe band. Ger van de Beuken (Zoo) played guitar in Hund. That created the connection. Ger came with this tape and asked me for release. The recordings are live in an art centre V2 based in the Dutch town Den Bosch. V2 was in the first few months of their existence in another building. Especially in these first ‘starting’ months we (the Bauplatz/Limbabwe scene) had close contact with V2. I remember visiting it several times and few early Limbabwe bands played there.

This tape is recorded live at the first V2 location on September 5 1981. Releasing these recordings on Limbabwe is not that crooked. Few guests musicians came from the Bauplatz clan: Hans v.d. Beuken (bas/guitar) and ofcourse (yes its him again) Kor on alt sax joined in on this gig. Further jamming guests are Ad Peynenburg (baritone sax) and G. Allsop (drums). Besides Ger v.d. Beuken the other official Der Junge Hund members where: Horst Rickels (alt sax), Rens Sanders (vocals) and Rik van Iersel (drums).


The title of this release ‘Vervormd’ is Dutch for ‘deformed’, better translation with this tape is ‘distorted’. The recordings are slightly distorted. Everybody is freaking out and pushing their barriers. There is a high energy at this gig.

This tape is also one of my most favorite Limbabwe releases. I play it regularly and am proud to have given the possibility releasing this great moment of music. I hope that you, the downloader, now slowly gets a different impression of Limbabwe records after listening this and last download (Appellation Controlee). Limbabwe never was a punkrock label, but has always been free, unidentified, experimental, anti-institutional.  

The recording suddenly ends while song is not finished. You will hear this on several Limbabwe releases. Often the shortage of tape-space was not the main reason. Artists insisted on an abrupt cut of the piece before end.

Recorded and produced by Der Junge Hund.


1) Red Cat
2) Tavk
3) Astronauten Alex
4) Uly So Bad
5) Lounge
6) Vier-8-7
7) Steak/R./

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