CHEROKEE – WIPIS IN TIPIS (Limbabwe 6) 1982

This was a ‘Henk’ band. Henk rumbled in the Bauplatz scene playing music and recording. He had few projects on Limbabwe: Kleine Negertjes, Koko Zozo and Rare Neugels. Most of his bands created typical early 80ties wave pop. The well known “Joy Division’ ‘Gang Of Four’ style. Most what ‘Henk-bands’ created was not very interesting for me. This Cherokee tape was the first and probably best.


Yep, regular visitors on these pages learn that I do not support every old Limbabwe release. Why I did the effort? Oh, well in those days we where a tight scene supporting eachother. It was obvious that even music from ‘scene bands’ I didn’t like that much, would be released on Limbabwe. Everybody their own taste.

Think that no period of Tegelen North had ever such a good inventory of music like Limbabwe did for the first years of the 80ties.

Cherokee contributed also one song on ‘Vlaaikots’.

Bandmembers: Henk (Guitar), Ingrid (Vocals), Karyn (Drums), Gert Jan (Bas)

Recorded, mastered by Gert Jan. Produced by Cherokee


1) Have some education
2) Fuckin’
3) Hop Tjop
4) Chelokee
5) Kill
6) A Wipi in a Tipi

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