Alle Honden Blaffen


ALLE HONDEN BLAFFEN (Limbabwe vinyl 1) 1983

‘All Dogs Bark’ This was the first Limbabwe vinyl release done in cooperation with the MK-OOC (Music Collective). The MK was a collective supplying facilities to local musicians like rehearsal space, equipment and such.

Alle Honden Blaffen lp came one year after ‘Vlaaikots’ (and many other Limbabwe cassette releases).

Together with Ben (running this MK) I agreed making a compilation LP with mainly new bands from the area based on the idea of the previous ‘Vlaaikots’ tape. We pre-announced the project. Everybody could send in tapes and we selected what we thought is ok and is a nice contribution to the compilation. This was very subjective, taking in consideration that 3 songs came from projects of one of the engineers (Combo Nappa/Energie und Irgendwo). Besides Alternative Buttons all other bands had connections with the Bauplatz/Limbabwe scene.

To realize this project we used the basement space as described in the ‘introduction’ but hired lots of equipment; an 8-track recorder, master recorder and additional gear. Two ‘professional’ engineers where contacted to realize the recordings. In a marathon of 10 days the album was recorded. The result: Shite! In my opinion. Yes the recordings are awful clean and therefore cold and meaningless. That makes this the worst Limbabwe release ever. Sure there are some great bands and tracks on this record, but I like the other, more rough, honest and soulful releases on Limbabwe of these same bands.

If something is over-arranged and organized, it looses spontaneity. On this record I miss everything Limbabwe is about; Energy, soul, drive……..

The cover is a clear impression of what to expect inside. A cold arty-farthy semi-alternative boring  artwork. Same goes for the inexpressive title ‘All Dogs Bark’. If I would be ashamed about one release on Limbabwe, its this one.


The album opens with Combo Nappa who contributes two horrible cold semi intellectual new wave-ish tracks on this album. Energie Und Irgendwo is a project of the same people. A failed attempt creating electronic music. Not my style plus compared with similar projects this was a useless waste of tape (sorry Hans). Catastrophe Bizarre does much better with refreshing new wave pop. For more info look at their page in this download section. Koko Zozo is also lesser favorite of mine. They had two other co-releases on Limbabwe. Cosmetica I appreciate better of bands in this genre. At least there is more spirit than the technical interpretations of Koko. Its remarkable how many bands in the early 80ties created this very ‘basguitar’ orientated pop. The influences of Gang Of Four, Joy Division, Au Pairs and others are strongly represented. Alternative Buttons finishes side one with a fresh pop wave song.

Side two (track 7 in the download) starts with the funky/jazzy band Zoo (with Kor). One of my Limbabwe most favorites bands. The only other band contributing to the vinyl is Meer Staal. They are also one of my most, if not thee most interesting Limbabwe project from the eighties.

There is not much more I can say about these LP recordings besides that the ‘feel’ wasn’t too good. Every band was under too much pressure. The multi track machine and recording interpretations of the two engineers invited to often for individual dubbed tracks. This created much tension by the many inexperienced musicians. Even Zoo comes out much more dynamic on other Limbabwe recordings. The best track on the album is from Meer Staal. The intro was a coincident. They performed on big metal objects from scrap-yards. You could only move these heavy steel things by sliding them over the concrete basement floor. That created the introduction sounds.

Best is to cut the crap-tracks after you downloaded.

Recorded, produced and mastered by Koos Behrtel and Hans Nijssen. Compiled by Ben and Matski.


01) Combo Nappa – Bitter Black
02) Catastrophe Bizarre – Ego-M
03) Koko Zozo – Is This Me
04) Cosmetica – Vorst
05) Energie Und Irgendwo – The Bermuda Trapezium (Edge 1,2 and 3)
06) Alternative Buttons – Intensive Care
07) Zoo – Jumping off that Zanzibars Bridge
08) Koko Zozo – Short Price
09) Combo Nappa – Realta
10) Meer Staal – a Steady Heartbeat makes a Clear Voice
11) Catastrophe Bizarre – Isolated Body’s
12) Cosmetica – Phylosofer

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