About AIKULA I can write a long story with many detours regarding Slovenia, the Slovenes and Idrija, the small town of their origin.
But lets keep it to the basic story about the band and their releases. All the detours I will write about another time.

Aikula was from a small town situated between Ljubljana and Adriatic sea in Slovenia. In 2012, some time after The System (see The System download page) a few ex members joined with other local musicians and started Aikula.
The first version of the band had 6 members; 2 x guitar, saxophone, bass, drums and vocals. The sound orientated on ‘mainstream-Balkan-pop’. A cd was recorded (Aikula No.1) and diy released. After a few convincing gigs, members left and changed. So did the sound of Aikula. They turned into a 4 piece band, set up; bass, drums, guitar, vocals. The music became an unique, stubborn solid rock. Loud noisy guitars, uncommon rhythms, raucous vocals…… and still catchy. The new musical direction was supervised by singer Zoran Zelenovic, who wrote all the songs with some support in arrangements by the guitar player.

Aikula performing live in a Slovene tea-house. One of their early gigs (2013)

Aikula performing live in Paris (for the second time). Their last gig (2017)

In 2015 Aikula started to grow, and performed all over Europe. The band from Genesis P Orridge, Psychic TV, invited Aikula to support them on their European tour May 2016. Aikula performed in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Madrid a.s.o……..

Watch Aikula performing live in Paris (full concert):

In 2017 the vinyl album ‘Mongrel Rock’ was recorded. Produced by Jeff Berner and released on the New York based label ‘Angry Love Productions’.
Later that year Jan, the guitar player, lost confident in his music career and left the band. This lead to a final break up.

Lets go to the downloads:

I don’t give you a download of ‘Aikula No.1’. Don’t like the cd. It doesn’t represent the sound that gave them international attention, plus I was not involved.
You can find lots of material from Aikula on You Tube, from early years till last gig. I included in every download video’s related to the tracks.
All web addresses, emails a.s.o. don’t exist anymore with exception of bandcamp: where you can find everything in a higher format than mp3.
If you want to get a good impression of Aikula’s sound I recommend to download ‘Mongrel Rock’

AIKULA – ABSURD & BIZARRE (Angry Love Productions OTTT39) 2016. Cassette tape

The band was already performing regularly gaining audience but there was no product besides the cd ‘Aikula No. 1’ what did not reflect their sound. Therefore a cassette tape was quickly released. A compilation including live tracks and remixes. Some tracks were recorded live on 2 track without audience in a theater in Idrija (SI).
Zoran (vocals), Jan (guitar), Tilen (bass), Pegam (drums)
Produced by Aikula
Artwork: Locke
The tracks come in 2 mp3 files. Absurd side and Bizarre side.
Included in zip: tracks/cover-image/video


Live This Live (distorted live version)
Iedvesma (live without audience)
Grabbed by the Scruff of the Neck (live without audience)
Rather On Cocaine (Istanbul remix)
No Link (radio edit)
Elena (live guitar version)
Elena (Green Espadrilles remix)
Music Or Death (No.1 version)

Download here:

AIKULA – MONGREL ROCK (Angry Love Productions OTTT36) 2017. Vinyl

Recorded ‘live’ in their rehearsal space within 3 days. Only vocals overdubs. Jeff Berner came from New York and did the recording production. Matski made a final mix and master. In my opinion one of the better rock albums of the last decade. The sound is heavy and raw, difficult to describe. A mix of stoner-rock, hard-rock with Balkan influences. Total impression is similar to heavy 70ties rock recordings. Zoran, the singer was just released from the hospital, recovering from a stomach disease, but still hits the notes.
Musicians: Zoran (vocals), Jan (guitar), Tilen (bass), Pegam (drums) additional on second guitar Jernej.
The Album was released on vinyl, cd and download. You can still purchase the vinyl here:
Produced by Jeff Berner
Mixed/mastered by Matski
Artwork: Edley O’Dowd
Included in zip: tracks/cover-image/inlay-text-sheet/video’s


Only War
No Link
Oro Of No Tomorrow
I Fight Battles With Gods
An Artist
Love Kills Men
Live This Life
Rather On Cocaine

Download ‘Mongrel Rock’ here:

AIKULA – WHERE I BELONG (self release) 2018. Download

The last Aikula recordings released after the band broke up. Two new songs were recorded meant to be released as a single. Interesting is the ‘reggae’ influence on ‘Grabbed’. Bass player Tilen was replaced by Zan (pronounce Sjan).
Musicians: Zoran (vocals), Jan (guitar), Zan (bass), Pegam (drums).
Recorded at the rehearsal space in Idria by Matski. Mixed and mastered at ‘Next Door’ in Stuttgart by Matski. Artwork: Matski
zip includes: tracks/cover-image/video’s


Where I Belong
Grabbed By The Scruff Of The Neck
Elena (accoustic)

Download ‘Where I Belong’ here:

And if you want to have the complete collection in one zip: