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After years not posting I might start again throwing shit on this page. Lost all my visitors anyway. Nobody reads this.
A ‘new’ download is added. An old Limbabwe release Zwaar Klote/Incest missing in the free downloads:

Something I planned to post years ago, Twin Peaks (also forgotten) and Coopers coffee. re-watching old episodes I picked out a moment where clumsy deputy Andy encounters Lucy in the kitchen of the sheriff station (I think its episode 6). Lucy just starts to make coffee, and drops the box of little coffee bags. I froze the screen (and made a screenshot). The brand is not readable, but obvious, this is one of the worst supermarket-coffee available in those days.
Of course, Cooper with his attitude to coffee was one of Lynch jokes. Especially on places where Cooper was admiring the quality, are known in the U.S. as the places serving the worse coffee.