AIKULA was a band based in Idrija, Slovenia. Founded in 2012 by ex-members of The System (see:
The first version of the band had 6 members; 2 x guitar, saxophone, bass, drums and vocals. The sound orientated on ‘mainstream-Balkan-pop’. A cd was recorded (Aikula No.1) and diy released. After a few convincing gigs, members left and changed. So did the sound of AIKULA. They turned into a basic 4 piece rock-band set up; bass, drums, guitar vocals. The music became an unique, stubborn solid rock. Loud noisy guitars, uncommon rhythms, raucous vocals…… and still catchy. The new musical direction was supervised by singer Zoran Zelenovic, who wrote all the songs with some support in arrangements by the guitar player.
In 2015 Aikala started to grow, and performed all over Europe. The band from Genesis P Orridge, Psychic TV invited AIKULA to support them on their European tour May 2016. AIKULA played Paris, London, Amsterdam, Madrid,……

Aikula live in Paris:

In 2017 the vinyl album ‘Mongrel Rock’ was recorded. Produced by Jeff Berner and released on the New York based label ‘Angry Love Productions’.

Later that year Jan, the guitar player, left the band due to (according to his opinion) ‘lack of success’.  This leaded to a final break up. Zoran, disappointed, moved to Stuttgart, Germany.

The last formation of AIKULA. From left to right:  Pegam (drums), Zan (Bass), Zoran (Vocals), Jan (Guitars)

An attempt of Zoran starting up AIKULA with new members in Stuttgart, failed.


– Number 1. cd (diy) 2014
– Absurd & Bizarre. cassette (Angry Love Productions – OTT37) 2016
– Mongrel Rock. Vinyl (Angry Love Productions – OTT38) 2017
– Grabbed By The Scruff Of The Neck. Free download. (Limbabwe 54) 2017
– Where I Belong (diy) 2018 (

Purchase vinyl, CD, cassette on the Aikula Bandcamp site:

Video’s from AIKULA: